Disciple-making is at the heart of every ministry CBC does.
Jesus said, “Go and make disciples,” (Mt. 28.19-20). We at CBC strive to not allow this Great Commission that our Savior gave His church become a great Omission. Everything we do as followers of Christ must have as the centerpiece the need to reproduce ourselves through building intentional relationships. Becoming fully committed, self-initiating, reproducing servants of Christ must be our goal as God’s people. CBC has the ministry infrastructure in place in order to make disciples of Jesus Christ a consistent reality. Please call Erick Jimenez, Ron Acton, or Nora Karam @ 915. 584.3912 if you are interested in getting involved in a disciple-making small group.

Pastoral care is so vital to the spiritual health of the body of Christ. Each Pastor/Elder and Deacon is involved in this critical ministry. Also, the Bible encourages the entire body of Christ to care for one another (1 Cor. 12:12-27). Therefore, it is imperative that Pastoral care be a facet of the overall ministry of CBC. Please call the church office or Pastor Sam to coordinate any needs regarding Pastoral care which would include hospital visits, counseling needs, or a multitude of other needs that our Pastors/Elders and Deacon body may be able to assist with. See same numbers above.


Congregational Care


Counseling that is biblically-based can change lives, because the Word of God is powerful and living (Heb. 4:12). Each Pastor of CBC is involved in this needed ministry. No matter your struggle or crisis, God’s word has answers that can restore enduring peace in your life. Please call the church office or Pastor Sam to set up an appointment for counseling.
Erick Jimenez
(915) 584-3912 ext. 13
Pastor Sam Thomas
(915) 584-3912 ext. 14